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Death is Not a Dirty Word with Gaer Ferrinson

We all do let’s talk about it! Everyone used to die at home up
until about 100 years ago. In this last century, our society has
sanitized the experience of death so much that most people today do not even know how to talk about it. While you can’t control your death, you CAN control how you approach it. Join certified End of Life Doula, Gaer Ferrinson, to discuss death on the physical and metaphysical planes. For Mediums - there’s more to death than the afterlife; for everyone else - there’s more to dying than the life leading up to it. Gain comfort and insight about crossing this threshold so you can sit with death for yourself, friends, and family. 


Gaer Ferrinson

Gaer is a certified End of Life Doula, psychic medium, and energy healer. She teaches an array of metaphysical modalities with an emphasis on how layering these along with focused intentions can assist spiritual growth. Her goal is to empower her clients and students to embrace their unique journeys through mentoring and witnessing.

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Death is Not a Dirty Word
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