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Patti Negri:

Psychic Medium and Hollywood's "Good Witch"

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Patti Negri is a psychic-medium and “good” witch.  She has been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a toddler and consciously since she conducted her first séance at age eight. Since then, she has conducted séances, clearings and sessions on radio, film, TV and living rooms, board rooms and conference rooms across America.

Patti was voted number one psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch / magical practitioner and life coach in the world in 2019 in an Internationally competition by Times Square Press.  In addition, she also won number one Intuitive Entertainer Occult Personality of the year and number one Influential Women in Business.  She has recently graced 6 magazine covers including American Psychic & Medium, Art, UFO and Supernatural, Parapsychology and Mind Power, 4th Dimension and Stars Illustrated; and has contributed or been a part of over 20 books, several of which are Amazon Bestsellers.

Lilly Singh consults medium, Patti Negri: Ellen Clip

Lilly Singh consults medium, Patti Negri: Ellen Clip

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Patti Negri works with Lilly Singh discovering paranormal activity in a house. Lilly shares her experience with Ellen. 

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