Gaer Ferrinson: Reiki, Galatci, Runic Healing & Starseed Serenity


Gaer offers several healing modalities. She is a Reiki Master, Galactic Healing Practitioner, Runes Healer, and channels Starseed Serenity™. Whatever complaints a client has, Gaer can help uncover the spiritual/metaphysical aspect of the issue and provide healing and guidance to see results.
Not sure what type of healing modality suits you? That’s okay! Gaer will connect with your guides to customize your session. Here’s a brief overview of each modality she offers:


  • Reiki: An intelligent, gentle, Universal healing modality. Suitable for everyone.

  • Galactic Healing: Another intelligent, Universal healing modality using Shamanic, Angelic, and Sacred Geometry frequencies.

  • Runic Healing: Looking to cut to the chase? Runes is a targeted modality perfect for common aches and pains.

  • Starseed Serenity™: If you are a Starseed, this is the modality for you! Gaer can connect you with the healing energies of your original homeworld sun(s), providing a new-found sense of relief and growth.

Gaer (“YAIR”) started actively pursuing her metaphysical gifts in 2015, stepping away from over two decades of small business administration and marketing. Sampling a wide array of classes and philosophies, she’s studied several modalities including classes from Joy, Neil, and Lori here at Miracles of Joy. She brings a pragmatic approach to her healings and readings while creating a sacred, safe place for her clients to heal and grow. All of her talents and gifts are at your disposal during your session.
Reiki Master / Galactic Healing / Starseed Serenity™/ Lenormand / Runes / Medium / Past Life and Transitional Doula

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