John Cappello

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John Cappello is a Psychic, Medium, and Visionary.  While he has been working professionally in metaphysics for since 1997, John has been interested in psychic ability and the study of existence “beyond the physical” since he was a child.  John’s has an extensive knowledge of Western Astrology and tarot, but his best work is done without the use of any tools. Through the use of his Psychic abilities, John can provide a detailed description of past, present, and potential future situations and events.  As a Medium, he is also able to bring forth loved ones who have crossed over.  John sees a Visionary as a person who works to serve mankind through a vision of the future.  His visionary work is about producing programs to help others and teaching others how to develop and use their own intuitive gifts. Psychic Known for his detail and accurate descriptions of situations, John’s psychic work is very exciting.  He uses all of his psychic abilities to tune into a person’s energy field which gives him accurate and nuanced information about his client.  This energy can be from the past, the present, or even a future event.  By meditating on the person prior to a reading, the energy received lies around main issues and the reasons for the reading. 

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