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Ka Horne:

Spiritual Artist & Mentor

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I am a Spiritual Artist and Mentor offering Enlightenment education through personalized Abstract paintings, individual instruction, classes and workshops designed to expand your self- awareness and consciousness into life changing experiences. 

My personal life experiences and expectations lead me to question “truths” I was taught throughout my lifetime.  Although I enjoyed the divine energies felt attending Church as a child I did not l connect with judgmental thoughts associated with religion.  Therefore, I continually searched for a greater sense of self and the awareness of my life purpose. 


Out of difficult life circumstances including my parents divorce and my husband’s passing, I found opportunities to change my perspective of who and what I am through study outside the norms of society and the integration of new thought  with focus upon understanding the power of my divine energies. 


I have “channeled “a mass consciousness through automatic writing whom I call my Guides or Uriella since 1989.  Their guidance, direction, love and protection have led me out of the depths of despair to experiencing life beyond my wildest dreams. 

 Since 2012, I have had the privilege of painting for over 1300 Souls.  It is with great pleasure that I continue to do so today.  I offer you informational energies meant to elevate your life experiences by increasing your awareness of your personal powers and divinity.  

My paintings represent your “Soul” energies, past, present and future as they relate to your current life situation and are tools of self-awareness designed to provide connection to your higher intelligence and soul knowledge.   


Each painting is created with the intention of providing you recognition of new levels of elevated life experience through vivid expressions of love, life and expansive awareness.  Beautiful colors and words of inspiration are intended to ignite, develop and implement connection to your personal light knowledge and all creation. 

Products for Sale

To Schedule, Text (214)-649-5967 or Email at Ka Horne


Soul Signature $75 

A Soul Signature is a symbolic expression of your personal, unique Soul energy and knowledge.   

When used as a focal point, they can be a doorway to experiencing elevated energies. Each personal symbol includes a translation of your symbol and how it relates to your life now.  











Soul Portrait $100 

A Soul Portrait is an abstract painting representing your present Soul energy. It includes a written, channeled message and psychic reading.