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Tarot + Numerology

The Tarot is a great tool that can help give you a little extra guidance in your life. Learn more now!

Tarot + Numerology with Michael Running Bear

Intro to Tarot + Numerology
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Curious about how to use tarot cards to enhance your understanding of current life choices?
Explore the "Royal Road" of tarot cards and learn about the ancient symbolic system of wisdom that is encoded with symbols, astrology, the Kabbalah and numerology.
Participants will learn:

· The History of Tarot
· Meaning of archetypes and symbols in the Thoth Deck
· Numerology of the deck
· Use of different spreads and how to read the cards
· How to integrate the cards into your daily life in a practical way.

Not looking to purchase a class today? Watch our free Tarot video below!

Intro to Tarot
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