Channel of Many, but Known Best for his Work with the Being "Malachite."

International Trance Channel Cé Änn

​Offering Intuitive and Trance sessions extensively since 1986,Cé Änn (say on), hails from a heritage of psychics, travels through the States and Internationally offers Visionary Guidance.  Affectionately called the ‘Channel’s channel,’ He inspires loving allowance, self motivation, intuitive growth and the awakening of unlimited human potential, he makes his home amongst the red rocks of Sedona.
Cognizance beyond the distractions of the human experience, Visionary Guidance is an all-encompassing consultation technique; a seeming blend of philosophies, psychologies, and spiritual practices of human reality merged with non-physical awareness using an altered state or trance. Channeling has been utilized by many to gain greater clarity with regard to their transformational process and as a source of guidance and confirmation for a truthful, expansive, validating view of their reality.
No matter how you refer to the expressed information, the bottom line is truth. Whether in a public group, a semi-private, or one to one, this is your opportunity for expansion.

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