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The Magic of Crystal Skulls

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John Cappello

John Cappello is a Psychic, Medium, and Visionary.  While he has been working professionally in metaphysics for since 1997, John has been interested in psychic ability and the study of existence “beyond the physical” since he was a child.  John’s has an extensive knowledge of Western Astrology and tarot, but his best work is done without the use of any tools.

During this webinar, John will share with you the history of the Crystal Skulls and ways to use them for your practice. He will also present information on the many healing abilities these skulls can provide. Crystal Skulls have been known to open your Psychic Abilities and strengthen your connection to Spirit. Check out this webinar to learn more

Working with Crystal Skulls - John Cappello

Working with Crystal Skulls - John Cappello

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