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Channeling with Terri Groom

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All are welcome to join in. It makes no difference whether you have been channeling for years or if you have never channeled. All are welcome to join in on the journey.

Please always know, we will start with a cleansing prayer, a prayer of protection and a brief meditation. You will have two opportunities to channel each class and your feedback and sharing of your experience is not required.  However, I hope you will share when you feel it is best as it not only helps us as receivers, it also helps you to tap into the clarity of the experience by relaying the information.
Another bit of wisdom to share,….. each class is independent of each other.  If you miss one, you are perfectly fine.   No worries…….ever!  Come share, come learn! It is a blessing to me to be able to guide you, and an even further blessing knowing my spirit guides are actively supporting your progress!!

Channeling with Terri Groom Replay May 21st

Channeling with Terri Groom Replay May 21st

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