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Master Glands / Endocrine System

with Robyn Slagle

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This two-part workshop is designed to help clear the body systems and activate new growth on many levels. This class is centered around the Master Glands / Endocrine System. You will receive information on how to clear these systems in the body & clear them in class. All are welcome!  Either new to energy work or well experienced people will find enjoyment with this practice.

You can expect to...
-Learn how to purify and activate your (chakras/master glands) with powerful and simple to use DNA codes.
-You will be able to implement these codes in your daily routine.
-Experience a real, clear, noticeable change in your energetic field, almost instantly.

"My goal as your instructor is to help you to build a regular practice for energetic hygiene. I strive to help empower people to work on themselves and create their change.

Master Glands / Endocrine System Part 1

Master Glands / Endocrine System Part 1

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