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Mediumship Webinars

The Mechanics of Mediumship with Tracey Escobar

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Tracey Escobar is a certified Psychic Medium with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.  She has completed several rigorous programs with 3rd party testing as to the accuracy of her connections.  Tracey is also the creator of “Messages from Above”, a spirit guided oracle deck. Tracey is Dallas’ hometown sweetheart with her brilliant connections to Spirit. She is known for her compassionate, honest and heart felt messages of healing and hope. Tracey also teaches, mentors, and does private readings in the Dallas Texas and Charlotte North Carolina area.

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In this class we will break down the mechanics of mediumship. You will learn exactly how it works and how we get information from loved ones in the spirit world. I will take you through the basics of spirit communication. You will learn how to expand your awareness, how to distinguish your own imagination from the impressions from spirit, how to piece the puzzle of information you get together, and what the four major aspects of a mediumship reading are. We will break it all down in an easy to learn format that will be sure to lay a solid foundation to your mediumship journey. This is the perfect class for all levels from just curious, to beginner, to more advanced. The key is learning HOW it works in order recognize your own gift.


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